Wing Chun Dummy – The ideal Exercise Partner!

Why struggle with approach whenever you might have a Wing Chun Dummy with your own home?

Many of us have listened to the saying that follow makes ideal and in the situation of train just like Ip Man  you need a little something to apply on. People get unwell, bored, worn out and will be unreliable. This never ever takes place with a dummy. Battling procedures all come from the methods from the wooden dummy, which will allow the practitioner to properly prepare their overall body.

Get ready for enormous advancement in the subsequent with the very own Wing Chun Dummy

You are able to drill precisely the same movements about and more than over a dummy, which creates muscle memories and the power to carry out strategies routinely. Velocity is extremely crucial as in this type of martial art, it truly is pace as well as capacity to place your excess weight guiding it far more then brut force that makes you profitable.


Making use of a dummy enables the practitioner to know the best way to correctly position their body in relation to your opponent. By doing this both of those arms could be utilised at the same time. It will allow improved judgement and proper distance. Your accuracy in a very break up second movemnet could make each of the variance to you personally being able to escape an attacker or not.

The dummy makes it possible for proper use and application of power. By rising the comprehension of angles, positions, and footwork the practitioner can discover how to create comprehensive body electrical power. System electrical power and that is speed and force merged will be the crucial in several with the movements of this art kind.


The dummy is excellent to show timing and how to stream easily from 1 system to a different. This could certainly make an enormous big difference to your amount of money of work needed to be successful.

Wing Chun Kung Fu can be a method that stresses progress of talent and co-ordination rather then toughness and brute power. The practitioner deflects and redirects the opponent’s assault, although accomplishing their very own attack at the same time. While the Wing Chun dummy is static the practitioner develops techniques which might be needed for absolutely free sparing by discovering how to blend footwork patterns and arm movements effortlessly jointly that deflect and assault.

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